How Do You Install Rolled Roofing?


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Alishan Samdani answered
The detailed illustration of all the steps involved in installing a rolling roof is available on the following link. Just follow the steps and read through importance tips as well.
Rolling Roof
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Fred Jones answered
Rolled roofing can be a real hassle to install. It was installed on the roof of a garage when I moved in. We had a big wind storm and it pealed most of it off one side. I went to replace it and found that I could not stand on the roof as it was not strong enough to support me. I was able to roll out the first strip and tack it down and could also do the second strip. The third strip was very difficult and took much longer to tack on. The peak actually was the easiest as it stayed in place balancing over the top.

I would recommend using shingles if you have a choice as they are much easier to manage and can be cut to fit corners and things much easier.

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