How To Install Roll Roofing?


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The easiest way to install rolled roofing is get your list of materials which would be plastic roof cement, 1 1/2 inch galvanized roofing nails, Rolled roofing 1 role does 1 square which does a ten by ten area, Fabric I prefer cotton fabric (membrane), gloves,troul,,paint brush,broom or blower, and aluminum roof coating,Ok lets get to work 1.clean off the roof of any dirt leafs ect broom it or blow it with a blower must be clean  2.roll out your roll roofing starting at the bottom the end with the line facing up roll from one end to the other get it straight with the bottom edge then once its straight back roll it half way, lace the edges and middle with plastic roof cement step down do the same to the other side.3 nail behind the line with your nails on the roll roofing make sure the next layer of roofing coveres the nails and on and on you go,If your roof does not have a good pitch then 3 course the seams.The way to 3 course is a thin layer of plastic roof cement, fabric and another layer of roof cement to cover the fabric you do this on pipes, canales,seams,and the edges of your roof and probably your tie in,Hope this helped you out LAST paint all your 3 coursing with aluminum roof coating this wll add 5 years to your roll roofing Use a roller and brush
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I have a layer of felt paper and rolled roofing on my storage shed. Am I able to put a layer over it or tear it all off?. In some places the nails are working up a little. I can pull them out. But unsure if I should do felt and rolled asphalt ,or just rolled asphalt.
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First lay down felt or tar paper, make sure you use the right weight for your area. Start on the bottom edge of the roof and over lap the next run 3 inches or so "KEEP IT STRAIGHT" and even. Do the same with the roll roofing. but put tar either from a can or tube on the top edge of the roofing to keep the wind from lifting it.
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While doing the installation, it is always easy if you have someone to assist you. In this way you are able to work more quickly, but even if you don’t have anyone to assist, you can always do it yourself.

The materials and tools that you would need for the installation are:

Roll roofing, utility knife, Chalk line, Roofing cement, Hammer, Roofing Nails (Galvanized), drip edge, and underlayment which is optional.

You can install the roof in four to five easy steps. You can see these steps and the instructions for performing them here.

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