What Is The Labor Rate For Roofing?


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My spouse owns a roofing company in Indiana. He pays his labor by the hour. He gauges the performance of his laborers and how much they can do and pays accordingly. Unskilled laborers start at $8.00 to $10.00 an hr to start depending on what he thinks they are capable of. If the man works out and catches on quick he will raise them a couple dollars an hour within a few weeks or less. The way he judges the pay is by the mans ability to pack shingles, keep the ground cleaned up, and how well they learn to set up and clean up. A lot of guys aren't up to the challenge and will stand around a lot. These, the ones he has to tell the same things to everyday, and who have to be told to do everything even though they have been doing it for weeks or months, he pays the same $8.00 or $10.00 for as long as they work. He may even cut the $10.00 man some. He supplies a meal and transportation for most of the men. A really good laborer who knows how to work he will pay $12.00 per hour which is considered good wages for unskilled labor in this part of the country.
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What does he actually charge per square of roofing including tear off?
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