What Kind Of Floor To Use On A Second Story Screened Porch?


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Unless you rectify the water issues in construction aspects of the porch itself, the sustainability, longevity, and maintenance of any flooring 3D epoxy flooring

3D floor designs

system and associated area construction will be in question (just like your wood floor and columns)unless you choose a system specifically made for an exterior application. 
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I would use ipe(epay) or pvc or composite wood boards or maybe recycled plastic...the cheapest would probably be a copper/pressure treated lumber...or recycled timber....
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It can be anything that can take wetness. Treated wood is common; and you can use open slats to allow water to drain through. Or, solid wood deck protected with sealant, or even outdoor tiles on marine plywood and other synthetic flooring material. But you must make sure the floor slopes slightly for drainage. Some people use industrial outdoor carpets also.
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You know what may be nice for yourself... Pergo laminate flooring that looks just like oak flooring, is cheap and easy to lay out.  It clicks together for sealed pieces and uses a vapor lock underlayment that comes in a roll. All you will really need for a tool is a jig saw or small hand saw to cut out a few pieces around the corners. And then you could lay a rug down or just enjoy the finish. The surface only gets scratched with things like dirt or sand against it or if it gets wet. So as long as water does not get into the porch this may be a good idea for you. A thought for you anywayz. It's the thought that counts.

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