What Is Best Way To Prepare Wood Base Floor Before Installing Ceramic Tile?


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You will want to get a backer board designed for your application. Note that while you have removed the hardwood floor and plywood base you may want to calculate the total thickness of the material removed, or the thickness needed to bring the finished tile surface level with the adjoining floor. I am restoring a 100 year old home and have undertaken the same task. In one room I only removed the finished floor and left the subfloor. Mine was 3/4" thick so I opted for a backer board that was 1/2" thick. With my thinset motar and tile thickness, my finished floor levels for new and existing will be the same.
Be sure to follow manufacturer's installation instructions for your backerboard.
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It is important to plan and prepare for the subfloor before the installation of the tile flooring. That way it is secured to be durable and will look great.There are some manufacturers who provide installation instructions but here are some tips on how to guarantee a long-lasting installation. You have to make sure that there is no water damage, clean, flat, even and completely dry. It is a must for all subfloors. Take note of the thickness of the subfloor to make sure that you will have a smooth surface for floor coverings. The quickest way to secure a hardboad is through stapling and you can then place each boad neatly. Be keen in the measurements for cutting the edges of the board.It is also recommended to use panel saw for you to cut straightly as possible. Remember to sweep the floor afterwards so you can prime the floor surface, letting it dry before continuing with your project.You can proceed in mixing self-leveling compound which you can pout onto the floor. It is advisable to let it settle on its own and with the use of plastering trowel you can smoothen any lumpy parts.

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