How Do You Prepare Formica To Lay Ceramic Tile On It?


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Rena Chisholm answered
If the formica is relatively slick, use a palm sander to roughen the surface to ensure a good bond between the mastic, tile and formica.
However if your formica is not the shiny slick type, but is (a dull surface), you can lay the tile directly over the formica with no problem whatsoever.
 I had a new countertop made for one of my bathrooms. It was covered with a dull surface formica. A week later, I tiled over it with out doing any prep work.
 Home Depot carries a very good premixed mastic made especially for walls and countertops, called, (Acrylpro). I've used it in both bathrooms and the kitchen on walls and countertops.
If you plan on tiling your floors, you will need to use a thinset mortar mix.
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Steven Vakula answered
If your going through all the work of laying tile, then please pull up that Formica! You will never regret the extra work it took but will always appreciate the quality and look much better and never regret and lament, WHY DIDN'T I JUST PULL UP THAT LINOLEUM or FORMICA!
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You would be a lot better off just removing the existing surface, layinga tile backer base and grouting your tiles into place.

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