How Much Does Ceramic Tile Removal Cost ?


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Goto this similar question for another response on the same topic.  q4475339.html Hope it helps!
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I would first see what options are available to overlay it with another type of flooring.
I'm just guessing because I have never removed (just placed) ceramic tile but it would depend on how the tiles were installed.  Also the size of the area to be removed is unknown to me.  If it is on backer board or plywood you may be able to remove the tile and backer in larger pieces.  If it is on concrete, it will have to be broken into smaller pieces and the adhesive will have to be scrapped off the concrete.
Then, after the removal, the floor will have to be prepared to receive the new flooring.  Just guessing-- $ 1,000 including repairs before new floor and replacing any damaged sub-floor.  Add on cost of new flooring and moldings.
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Get a home depot do it yourself book or look it up on the net at expert village..but you can do it yourself with a little  elbow grease...they even rent a walk behind tool that will help remove the tile simply by guiding it across the floor...then you can put down a new can get everthing at a loew's or home depot.....or you can remove the floor and then hire someone to put down a new one saving you at least half the cost.....

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