How Long Should The Glue Set Before Installing Ceramic Tile?


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The thin-set mortar mix, (glue) should dry for around 24 hours before grouting.
You do not have to take the tile up if your grout is cracking.
Grout usually cracks once it dries for one or two reasons.
#1- Not enough grout was pushed into the joints.
#2- Too much water in the grout. Either from mixing improperly or not squeezing out the sponge well enough during the grouting process.
You can purchase a grout scraper at a home supply/hardware store for about $6.00.
Scrape the top layer of grout out, (if it is as high as the tile), then just reapply the grout, being careful to sqeeze out excess water from the grout sponge and not applying pressure to the sponge.
 Use a circular motion, when going over the grout to wipe away the excess grout.
Let it dry overnight, them go over it useing your grout sponge and a mixture of white vinegar and water.
If there is any remaining grout haze left on the tile after the second wash, then dampen the tile just a little and use a razor scraper at a 45 degree angle to scim the top of the tile. That will remove any remaining grout haze on the tile.
If your sub-floor is concrete, then there is no need to lay backerboard.
You can also purchase a concrete mix to level out your wood floor and scim it instead of laying backerboard, provided that your wooden sub-floor is in good shape and 3/4 inch thick. Check for this product at your local Home Depot or home supply store.
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I have never heard of allowing the glue (mortar, adhesive) "to dry before laying the tile down" but that's not to say there isn't a type of adhesive that has that requirement.  Use the manufacturer's recommendation on the container.  I did have adhesive (hand mixed with water or other specified liquid) that was supposed to be allowed to "slake" for ten minutes before applying to floor but no delay after applying adhesive to floor before laying tile.
Maybe they meant you didn't wait long enough for the mortar (adhesive) to set before grouting which could cause the mortar to take moisture away from the grout, and crack it.
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The question is a bit confusing and I didn't quite pick up on his wording. My brain must have been on standby. Lol. Surely thought he meant that he didn't let the thinset dry long enough before (grouting).
No: You lay the tile, using thin-set, (no drying time before setting tile in place).
Then let the thinset (set up and dry to the tile), before applying the Grout.
Glad you caught that, freedom1st!

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