Do I Install Vanity Before I Lay Tile?


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Rena Chisholm answered
If you mean install the vanity before laying floor tile, then it is entirely up to you.
You can install the tile around the vanity or you can lay the tile and then install the vanity.
Just remember to take into consideration that laying the tile and setting the vanity on top, may raise your drain pipe from the sink slightly, but that probably won't be enough to cause a problem when re-installing the sink. I installed the tile in one of our bathrooms and then set the vanity on top. It wasn't a problem, but I used a standard thickness porcelain tile. The coupling should be sufficient to cover the added 1/4" height.
The other bath had double vanities with a single counter top, so I installed the tile around it. Both look just fine. Just remember to lay out your tile and think of focal points before you begin.

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