How Do I Remove Old Wall Paper Paste From The Walls?


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Old wall paper paste can be removed in much the same way as one removes old wallpaper; just a heavy duty detergent and warm water would work wonders.

In case one has used a wall paper steamer to remove the wall paper it can be used again similarly to remove the paste. After spraying use a broad knife to remove the thick glue splotches; a rough cloth or coarse nylon scrubbing pads may prove to be more useful.

Today a number of chemicals and scouring tools are available that can be used to remove both the wall paper as well as the glue. After the task is over one should wipe the wall with a sponge to remove any traces of the glue, the whole procedure should be done wearing gloves and protective glasses or a mask.

Please keep in mind that glue is a toxic substance and any traces of it should be removed from all tools before using them again and the hands should be washed thoroughly.

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Any heavy duty cleaners available in granular form or all purpose hard surface cleaners can be used to clean the surfaces of walls. These cleaners contain chemicals that remove grease, wax, wallpaper residue etc. The cleaners should be specifically for these items as others may damage the paint on your walls. A hard cloth can also be dampened with water and used to scrub of the residue. TSP is a good kind of wallpaper residue remover.

Generally most wall papers are easy to remove. The procedure that is normally used to remove the wallpaper is to soak it by spraying water onto it. Typically warm water is used that has been made soapy. Slits may also be cut into the wallpaper at interval of six to ten inches which will help the wallpaper soak better.
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The upper covering of the wallpaper can be stripped off easily. But as we strip off the wallpaper, it leaves a thin residue of paper and adhesive on your wall. To get your wall complete clean and to remove old wall paper paste from your walls you can use a wet sponge. An enzyme based wallpaper remover should also be of use, you can apply this remover with a sponge itself without using any water. Once you have finished removing the paste of paper and adhesive from the wall, you should you some repair, whatever you think is required and then wash the wall with non phosphate substitute or a solution of TSP. A solution of water and ammonia can also work here. Once the wall is dry, apply a wall sealer.

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