How To Remove Adhesive From Carpet?


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There’s no point crying over spilt milk and the same is true of glue, you need to get it off and do it quick.
I won’t ask how it got there but happily it’s rather easy to do so. You’ll need a couple of items before you get started, namely some paper towel, an iron,  five clean cloths, vinegar (save the balsamic for your salads), mineral oil, some duct tape and a spray can lubricant (good old WD-40 will do just fine). It’s best to do this in the evening as you’ll see.
First off, rip a piece of paper towel and stick it directly on the adhesive. The get the clean cloth and pop it on top of the paper towel. Next get the iron over it and press until all the adhesive is lifted onto the paper towel.
Secondly soak another cloth in vinegar and leave it on the adhesive overnight. Next morning, get rid of the adhesive by rubbing with another clean dry cloth, (remember to pick up the loose residual bits). Rinse the area with a damp cloth. Then slap on the mineral oil to a clean cloth and wipe the adhesive from the affected area.
Stage three, apply a strip of duct tape to the reaming adhesive with plenty of pressure, and then pull it away. Repeat this stage until the entire adhesive has disappeared.
Finally, spray the adhesive with the spray can lubricant (WD-40) and leave it for around five-to-ten minutes. Then wipe it clean and all adhesive should be gone.
Repeat stages three and four should it be required, although from personal experience this shouldn’t be required. You might want to invest in a kneeling pad too depending on your carpet and how much adhesive you’ve got to clean up. An old cushion will also save your knees.
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You can use roller brush or clear packing tape to roll away unwanted adhesive from your carpet or you can use a cloth soaked in vinegar to rub it on the infected part. Mineral spirits can also be used to remove adhesive.
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THANK YOU ! You sure know your carpets!!! It worked really nicely. With a little elbow grease.I ruffed it up with a fingernail scrub brush, did the tape thing, and washed w/ white vinegar, rinsed w/ water & blot dried w/ old towel.

I was also pleased to have a solution that did not involve chemicals.

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