Cigarette Ash Stains On My Carpet...How To Clean It?


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Rich Miller answered
STOP!  First of all, do NOT rub the carpet.  You will fray the fibers and the carpet will become damaged.  Ashes in the carpet is almost like graphite from a printer or lead from pencils. Go to the janitorial store and pick up the right product they tell you to use.  I am not there to asses your situation, but the guy behind the counter can help you.
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Mati green answered
Mix a little oxy clean in some warm water and pour or spray it on the stain. Wait a few minutes and scrub it with a clean wet cloth. It should come right up.
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Nouman Umar answered
It is very easy to remove the stains of the cigarette from your carpet easily. There are number of people who like to smoke in the home and public places so due to this reason you get the stains on the carpet. So there are many ways which you can use in order to remove the stains from the carpet. First of you should try some good stain remover which are available in the market. They claim 100 percent guarantee of the stain remover from the different things so you should buy one if you do not have one in your home. There are many ways by which you can remove the stains from your carpets.

So just take some stain remover and make the solution of the product. When you are done with the stain remover then you will be able to apply that solution on the stains of your carpets. Just take some cloth and dip the solution on the cloth and start rubbing the carpet stain where you have stains on your carpet. So apply gently in the upward direction and you will be able to remove the stain from your shirt.

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