How Can One Get Rid Of Dog Urine Stains Off The Carpet?


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Do not use vinegar as one answer suggests. Vinegar contains some of the same elements found in urine. Dogs go to the bathroom where they smell they have done so before.

That same answer also implies that a dog going to the bathroom somewhere you do not want it to as a sign of the animal being untrained or not cared for. This is an absolutely insulting answer and completely untrue.

As animals go to the bathroom based on scent, this is in no way a reflection of the animal not being cared for. A dog peeing in the same spot is instinct, and not always a training issue. If your dog has had an accident, or for some reason goes on the carpet, it will continue repeatedly until the carpet is properly cleaned.

To do this, your best cleaner will be a surfactant based one (I use Genesis 950). This type of cleaner actually breaks the stain apart and lifts it from the surface. The reason I use 950 is because it has an anti-bacterial agent which kills the germs and completely deodorizes the area - this is what eliminates the smell. I would highly suggest that you use it in a machine to get deep into the carpet.

Stay away from vinegar - it will only cause the cycle to be repeated and the "accidents" to keep happening. And just because your dog goes somewhere you don't want it to does not mean you do not care about your pet.

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Dogs when untrained or not cared for enough are likely to relieve in the house including the carpet and floor. The urine not only leaves a stain but also odour due to chemicals like ammonia and any cleaning agent such as detergent; perfume etc. applied randomly may set in reaction(s) for formation of a stubborn stain and one should try to lessen ammonia effect.

When the stain is fresh pour some cold water over it, let it stand for a while then blot it with fluffy towel or powder. There will be no stain or small after this treatment.

Vinegar works very well with water for which one should make a solution with one part white vinegar to two parts water and then apply it on the spot and rub a little allowing the vinegar to dry. Once that happens carpet will be spotless and smell will also vanish.

Old stubborn or chemically treated stains can be removed by peroxide or enzymatic cleaner.
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How can I get black stains out of my wood floor caused by dog urine?
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You can put the Oxy-Clean in your carpet cleaner.

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