How Can I Get Caffeine Stains From Tea And Coffee Off The Inside Of My Mugs And Cups?


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I would not use bleach on china or porcelain of course, but I have used bleach cleaner on inexpensive heavy mugs, with great results.  Try it on a cheap mug that you do not really care about to see how it work, dilute the bleach cleaner first.  Not straight bleach, but something like soft scrub with bleach or another non abrasive bleach cleanser.  Rinse and rinse and rinse well.
Happy thanksgiving.
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I usually scrub the mugs with either a Sponge Backed Green Catering Scourers  or stainless Steel Scourers, with a bit of washing up liquid. It always does the job for me, bringing them up nice and clean. Hope that helps.

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