I Have A Cherry Kool Aid Stain On My Carpet, What Will Remove It?


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I am attempting to remove a red kool-aid stain that has been on my carpet for nearly two months let me tell you this iron trick works great! For the solution I am using woolite oxy deep carpet cleaner with some nail polish remover sprinkled on the carpet. I put a dry cloth over it and put the iron on high on steam mode and it's as if I cannot see the kool-aid anymore.. This is great!
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Try this out
Mix 1 tsp dawn, 1 tsp tide and 4 cups of water in a bowl. Then pour this solution over the stain. Then put a thick cloth or towel over the stain. Set your iron on high and iron the cloth/towel for a minute or 2. The stain will be vanished soon.

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