How Do I Get Rid Of Pet Urine Smells On The Tile Floor?


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Buy some Urine-B-Gone at Wal-Mart or the pet store. They sometimes package it with a small battery-powered black-light that will help you find the places Rover did his business.

If there are cracks in the tile you will need to replace them. If the grout is missing in places you are going to need to redo the grout and seal it again.
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Try vinegar and hot water , I would also recommend researching as to why she is doing this , if she is house broken she could have a problem , if she's not house broke better get to work or find a suitable trainer.
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Get rid of the dog or house train the dog. Our dog is house trained and not had any accidents in 4 years
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This is a good idea, UNLESS you LOVE your pet... There may be an underlying medical condition. Get your pooch checked at the vets to make sure. Make sure you do your research as well. Like, is your pet left home by itself a lot? Seperation anxiety? House broken? New puppy? Scared or excited?
There could be many factors. :) Good luck to you and your dog :)!
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Unacceptable answer. Dogs can always trained with direction.

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