How Do I Remove Dog Urine Stains From Limestone Floor Tile?


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The procedure for cleaning up dog urine from limestone flooring is different and considerably more difficult to that used on carpet or wood surfaces. However, this isn't to say it isn't possible - providing you apply the correct poultice mixture to the affected area of the floor tile, you should be able to remove the stain and any resultant odor in its entirety.

Although you would normally use a deodorizing dog urine spray bought from a pet store to clean up urine stains, a stronger mixture of ammonia and talc chalk is more recommended for limestone rock flooring - especially as sedimentary rock like limestone has a tendency to absorb excess fluid. With this in mind, you need to mix together your ammonia and talc chalk in a hard-wearing plastic bowl until it reaches a gloopy paste consistency. If you think the mixture is too thick, add more ammonia. Likewise, if it appears too thin, add a touch more talc chalk.

Before you apply the poultice mixture to the urine stain, dampen a clean cloth with cold water and dab at the area you're working on gingerly. Don't make the mistake of rubbing fiercely - this will only cause the stain to spread and worsen further. Once the area is nicely dampened, use a spatula to spread the poultice mix onto it. Avoid applying it too thickly - a thin layer that you can't see through is satisfactory.

Once the poultice has been applied, cover the area clearly with a plastic wrapper, taping it down at the edges. Leave to set for 24 hours before removing the plastic wrapping and scraping off the hardened poultice. Use cold water and a fresh clean cloth to wipe the area once again and remove any residue. You should now find that the urine stain has been completely removed and the odor has disappeared.
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If you have pets at your home, it is a regular problem. Dogs do urine on tile, on carpet, everywhere. And the stains also remain on that. This things need to be cleaned everyday , everytime. Now we need to know the procedures for the limestone cleaning:

You can go for a dry cleaning, wet cleaning. These cleaning processes include vacuum cleaning, broom, dry mopping and also steam cleaner.

You can use the best vacuum for tile. Using vacuum is also a faster process. Also search for the best steam cleaner to remove the stain.

Other processes are also easy and effective. Rinse your tile.  And get rid of it. Clean the floor with floor cleaner.

Another process is also there. This is a long time process. Mix 3/4 cup of flour and little amounts of hydrogen peroxide and make a paste. Apply this on stain and wait till it turns to dry. After that remove it you will get clean and stain free limestone tile.

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