How Do I Remove Stains From White Synthetic Soccer Jerseys?


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Angel Sloan answered

I use whitening products that you just rub into the stain pre-wash and then leave to soak for a bit. I can't remember the name, but they have TV ads all the time so shouldn't be hard to find the synthetic stain remover I'm thinking of.

Just check whether the stain remover mentions on its box which synthetic materials you can use it on, some stains on synthetic clothing don't come out very easily, especially poor quality synthetic material where the stain absorbs almost at once.

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Bambi Lyons answered
wet stain with warm water, spray on Easy Off oven cleaner, it will not harm your jersey, let sit for 10 minutes then wash in warm water and drip dry. Process might need to be done twice. Also a thick paste of Tide will sometimes take out older stains

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