Can You Use Pure Bleach On Limestone To Remove Mold Stains?


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Stains are something every individual on earth is tired of.  However, many people are concerned if they can use pure bleach on limestone to remove mould stains; the answer to which is yes.

Pure bleach can be used to remove stains from the limestone. As lime stones are porous in nature, they have a tendency to absorb materials easily and quickly.

Contrary to this, some experts even advice not to use such chemicals for cleaning minerals as not all minerals are adaptive to such chemicals. In order to further investigate the issue, following link can also be visited,       

However, when using pure bleach to remove stains, the individuals need to be extremely cautious, in order to ensure that no damage is caused. If the person doing it is an unprofessional individual, it is advisable to call in an expert to perform this act for you, as if done in appropriately it can cause severe damages to the surface. 

In order to avoid circumstances that required cleaning with bleach or any such chemical, the individuals are advised to follow the following steps:

The natural stones such as a limestone should be sealed with a sealer.  This should happen at least once every year.

The stone should be cleaned with rayon made cloth, mops, and scrubbers and so on.

Always use a mat before putting anything upon the stone.

Do not use old and dirty cloth to clean the stone. Replace all the old cloths with new ones.

Do not let the spills dry out on the stone. Always clean them as soon as they occur as the stains become permanent if they are left to be dried.

As these stones have a tendency to absorb anything and everything, care should be taken to prevent putting of things such as juices, shampoos, dishwashing liquids, acidic fluids and similar stuff on the stone.

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