Can You Use Wax To Remove Rusted Bolts?


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Yes, this is actually an old trick! And you probably don't have to go anywhere or spend any money, you probably have an old candle around. You heat up the nut/bolt with a propane torch (not too hot!) and then press a wax candle to the nut/bolt threads. Sometimes if you are working on a nut/bolt on an exhaust system you can just let engine heat get the parts hot. The wax melts and wicks into the threads. When the wax cools it acts as a very good lube (much better then any spray!) and you can remove the nut without hammering on anything!

An old trick and a good one!
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Places like Autozone and Pep Boys have a can of rust inhibitor called " P B  BLASTER ". This is the best stuff for a chance to loosen up rusted stuff. I'd give it a 5 minute presoak with some spray of PB BLASTER and then tap on the rusted part with a solid hammer to vibrate it loose so to speak or to get it started to become workable. Good luck

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