How To Remove Hair Removal Wax Off A Surface?


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To get it off wood, in particular, you need to start by blotting the wax off the surface using some tissues. Make sure you don’t rub the area of the surface to remove the wax, as this could cause problems. You need to place the tissues over the area for a couple of second to let them soak up some of the wax. You then need to pick up the tissues and get rid of them. Do this a few times, and you should have a good amount of the wax removed from the surface.

You then need to wet one section of the cloth you’re going to use to wipe up the mess with some mineral oil. You then need to rub the area of the wood, but not vigorously. You need to use a circular motion when rubbing the wood. Make sure you do this for around 10 seconds, and not too much more than that.

You then need to go about wiping the area of the spill with a clean section of the cloth. This will just remove the oil that you have used to make sure that the wax remains off the wood.

Finally, you will need to repeat the second and third steps, if you still see some wax left on the wood. Remember not to rub too vigorously, and to be as careful as possible not to damage the surface. If you see any damage appearing, you know that you are rubbing too vigorously with the cloth.

Spilling wax is really easy to do, but it can be avoided if you use a sheet of newspaper on the surface that you are going to be using. Hot wax is sticky and really hard to get off many surfaces, and can often damage surfaces upon contact given its heat.
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It depends on what type of surface the wax is on.
If it is a hard surface, you can try heating it up with a blow dryer and scraping the largest amount of it off with a putty knife, then use a product called GooGone to remove the rest. Let the GooGone sit on the area for a couple of minutes before scrubbing it.
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Wax on, wax off

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