Hair Line Cracks In My New Stucco...why Did They Appear?


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It depends a lot on where you live. In the Southwest residents learn fairly quickly that all stucco cracks. It is the nature of stucco as it is faux block. Differences in the material used, the underlying foundation of the structure and the surface to which the stucco is applied all affect its stability as do the thickness of the application and quality of the material used to prepare the stucco are all reasons and causes for the cracks. If you live in an earthquake zone this can also obviously affect the stucco and it's durability. The rule of thumb as taught in the area I live is that stucco cracks, you patch, it will crack again! That is the nature of stucco. If the stucco is applied to solid block it will be more durable than if applied to chicken wire, the stability lies in part on the surface to which the stucco is applied not taking into consideration the area where you live, it's geological issues and other foundation settling worries.
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Thank you for all of your answers! I think however the problem may lie with the fact the stucco guy did not properly cure the stucco between coats, and I KNOW he did not water it during the little cure time he did give it. Any thoughts on this?

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Sounds like the painters that cut the paint with water... LOL Not really but I never have understood acts of impatience and skimping. It always leads to the dreaded
Redo"! I had just painted my house last July with Bear Lifetime paint. I live in Arizona so the paint was pretty much baked on, I thought, after 6 months. In December we had some really heavy rains and the paint washed off the house! Never have seen this happen especially with Bear! Now I have to wait for Bear to determine that the color was to blame, anything with a red for some reason never seems to work as well as other colors in my experience. Good luck.
I believe your problem lies with the stucco contractor. as you say the home is new and unless your home is situated upon a sinkhole you should not have that much settling in a new home.

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