How Does One Remove Diaper Rash Ointment-white From Carpet? Anyone? Anyone?


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My son has just smeared a second tube of diaper rash cream over the carpet, and I was looking for an easier clean. The first time we just rubbed and rubbed with cloth and paper towels, then steam cleaned the carpet (which actually didn't help it at all). Eventually the stuff rubbed off and you can't tell where it got rubbed it. But we have a light colored carpet. I think darker carpets may stain if it is in there too long.

Since the cream is water resistant you could try soapy water, using a laundry detergent or dish soap, either way be prepared for lots of scrubbing.
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The ointment is a oil base if I'm correct and a little of dawn should do the trick. If you add some dawn dish soap directly to the spots enough to make it into a more lquidy after you have done that use some water and a spunge or something that will absorb real good and remove the ointment from the carpet you may have to repeat and work at it.
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Not that this is an answer, but did you ever find out how to remove the stain? I posted a similar question for the same reason. Just thought you might have solved the dilemma!

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