How Do I Clean An HEPA Vacuum Filter?


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I believe the best thing to do is replace it. Otherwise I would suggest something gentle like simple dish soap.
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There are different types of liquids available for this purpose. You can use those liquids and you can get them from different super stores. It is always better to clean it if you're not facing any problem. But in a case, you're facing some problem then you should replace it.
The following link can also help you about it.
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The best way to clean a HEPA filter is to blow out the dust with an air compressor or some other form of forced air. Forced air gets rid of more of the dust that vacuuming does. If the filter is still full of dust/dirt when washed or rinsed with a liquid, the debris hardens into the pores of the filter and permanently clogs the filter. Therefore reducing the air flow, which reduces the suction of the vacuum.

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