How can I fill up an air mattress with a vacuum cleaner?


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Hugo Pinkman answered

Usually air mattresses have built-in pumps. Why not checking the instruction properly? I guess filling up depends on the manufacturer, read attentively the instruction please. Here is a very useful article about air mattresses, a very detailed description of top models of nowadays, check . I think the biggest advantage of this type of mattresses is their affordable price, everyone is able to purchase one. It is also very compact, if you don't have a need in this mattress anymore you can put it into a locker and forget about (and vice versa). Air mattresses are also very durable and universal, they can completely substitute a sleeping place or be taken in a camping.

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La Quenda May answered
Use the hose on the vaccum and a smaller hose attachment. Put on hole on the air mattress and turn on the vaccum. Have a good night sleep.

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