How Do I Clean A Mattress?


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Urine: scrub in sodium bicarbonate, Vanish, Febreeze or baking powder with hot water. Sprays from vets for cleaning animal wee up may also be very effective.

Alternatively, press kitty litter into the area. This should neutralise the odour. Leave to soak up the moisture and dispose of as normal.

Blood: hot water and liquid soak. dilute bleach is pretty effective. Vanish, salt and hot water are commonly recommended. Upholstery cleaner works in some cases.

Vomit: vinegar with bicarbonate is effective. See measures for urine, as well.

Milk: thick paste of bicarb with hot water.

In all cases except kitty litter, the cleaning solution needs to be scrubbed in and allowed to soak up the offending material. After cleaning leave to dry and vacuuming. Cleaning may need to be repeated. Standing mattress out in the sun may help get rid of stains, too. Turn mattress over at next use and get a mattress protector (waterproof if possible).
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Well cleaning a mattress is not as difficult as it sounds, if you want to get rid of stains of an unknown nature, take a citrus based solution and apply it to the stain for approximately five minutes.

With the help of a clean white sponge, blot the region where you have applied the liquid, hold down the sponge firmly for nearly one minute. Keep on repeating this process until the stain is completely dry. Now apply a little liquid based detergent solution to the stain and clean it with the help of a damp cloth till the stain completely vanishes.

A mattress usually is a mat or pad, which is normally spread on top of a bed. Although a mattress can be plainly spread on a plain surface, like a floor, it is usually put on top of a firm platform.
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Very important not to let the interior of the mattress become wet, that can lead to mold. Its a good idea to dry it thoroughly, outside in the sun if possible. I found good tips on how to clean a mattress at a few sites.

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