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A really great method that you can use to try and rid your home of fleas is to buy a really decent vacuum cleaner if you don't already have one. Then use it to vacuum every cough in your house and every mattress. It might also be a good idea to do the carpets as well because there is a very high chance that they will have transferred onto there. Even though it may sound like a lot of work, vacuum your house, carpets, couches and mattresses everyday so that even if you have missed some, you can still catch them. Remember to vacuum in all inaccessible areas and don't forget underneath the couches.

The next best thing to do is to clean your furniture with a good quality detergent. This will kill the fleas but it will not solve the problem of any eggs that have been laid. Buy some diatomaceous earth which is powder made from the crushed bones of aquatic organisms. The sharp edges of the bones cut through eggs and any leftover fleas that are still alive. Sprinkle this all over the furniture but remember to wear a protective mask and goggles. Make sure you get it into all the crevices and cracks of the couch. Let the powder stay there for a day or two and then vacuum it all up to remove any eggs and dead fleas. Once you are finished, you must take the sealed vacuum bag straight outside because the fleas could find a way out and re-infect your home if you leave it inside.

The best thing to do is to use some kind of spray or powder that will not only get rid of the adult fleas, but it will also kill any eggs that they have laid in your furniture. For more information on other methods used to kill fleas, take a look at this website:
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Buy a good vacuum cleaner if you don't have one. Vacuum the couches in every area, even the inaccessible ones. Use soap or good detergent and wash the fleas off. Do the vacuuming daily so that even if there are fleas left in inaccessible areas they can be removed on the daily basis. You can also use some good quality detergent for killing the fleas. Apart from this there are other possibilities which are perfectly illustrated on
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I use Borateen? Its is found in the laundry department as a aid to washing your clothes. If I notice one of my animals with fleas, I sprinkle on the carpet and in and on the couch, I wait 15min or longer, while I give my animals a bath and wash thier bedding and then vacuum up.
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You also need to break the flea reproduction cycle in your home by using a good flea medicine on your cats. Frontline and Advantage are the best and are available from your vet or online. These aren't cheap, but do the best job of killing the fleas on your pet and also interrupting the cycle. The fleas jump off your cats to lay eggs in the carpets and furniture, the eggs hatch and jump back on your cats to feed and the cycle continues. After vacuuming your rugs and furniture, always take your vacuum cleaner outdoors to remove the bag and then dispose of it in the trash. If you leave the bag in the vacuum cleaner and store it in your house, the fleas can escape or the eggs hatch in the bag and get right back in your rugs.
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Whatever you do,don't put flea medication on there,it will do bad things!the vacuum idea is a good one^

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