How Do I Clean A Microfiber Couch?


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Sorry didn't see the rest of it.. Try a dish towel with very hot water and a little dish detergent. The hot water should dissolve the sugary syrup.    Good luck!!
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A Microfiber couch can endure many spills and stains but if the stain is tough, extreme care has to be taken while cleaning as the process can ruin the soft and supple texture of the couch. Here is a link that will give you step by step details on how to clean a microfiber couch.
Microfiber cleaning
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The roughness you feel after cleaning a microfiber couch is usually temporary. Microfiber, like real suede, should be brushed after cleaning (or otherwise getting wet) to restore the soft nap texture. A rubber lint brush works quite well for this purpose.
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Try  borax . You will find in the laundry section at the store. And then rinse with a mixture of water and bleach not straight bleach though.
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Use baking soda, and a damp cloth,, put some on the spot rub in gently then wipe up or vacuum it up
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Microfiber is usually an easy fabric to clean and take care of...but in your case it sounds pretty bad.   I would use a warm damp cloth and try to get as much off as you can with out scrubbing.  Then I would call in a professional with a steam cleaner.  Good luck!
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Always check your labels on the furniture (usually under the cushion) to see if it is rated a dry clean fabric only or if it can be wet cleaned. Most microfibers can be wet cleaned effectively by a professional. And I say professional because the average consumer can over-wet the fabric and it will turn out with that texture problem like you experienced. Also, if you wet cleaned a microfiber that is dry clean only you can actually have the fiber disintegrate before your eyes as it separates from the fiber backing.
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To get rid of ink from microfiber couch you should wash it with good soup and bleach and if it is fresh then let it dry then wash that couch. You can also use ink stain remover to get off such stains from your couch.
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The best way I have found to get rid of bad smells is to use fa breeze, it deep cleans good if you spray it on heavy.
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I use a Magic Eraser on our Microfiber couch. For anything from wine to lipstick. Works everytime!

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