Can I Put My Microfiber Couch Cushon Covers In The Washer?


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Obviously, if you had a little pillow cover to test first - that would be ideal!   Btw, Microfiber is usually 100% polyester.  
      First of all, turn the covers inside out (tip from a dry cleaner).  I'd try washing it with cool water on a gentle cycle with a gentle detergent. Run thru 'gentle' spin cycle twice to get as moisture out as possible.  Air fluff cool, maybe switching to a warm and back again. Remove from dryer when still quite damp and line dry.  You may want to put the covers back on while still a teeny bit damp, if they're tight - dampness may help them to 'give' a little.  If they are difficult to get them back on, wrap the cushions in WAXED PAPER (!).  This can help them 'slide' easier back in the cover.  Just rip/tear/pull the waxed paper out as you go along.  Hope this helps!
(I'm not positive, but I don't think microfiber should be dry cleaned.

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