I Washed My Phone In The Washer. Will The Phone Ever Work Again?


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Yes it is possible but do these two things first before using the phone.

Remove the power source - battery.  Make sure the battery gets air dried as well.
Make sure the entire inside is dried out before re-inserting the battery or power source.  This may take a couple of days even if you use a hair dryer to dry the phone.   The key is to dry the phone COMPLETELY.

After you have ensured the two thing above are done.  Insert the battery and see if the phone will turn on or if the battery will accept a charge as you attempt to charge the phone.   If it does you are all set if not .... You will either have to think about repairing the phone or replacement.     

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Well I did it ones but minefel in the toilet and got very wet do what I did is turned it off for two days and let it out in the sun for like a whole day and then I turned it on and it worked fine and it may work again but I would do that first if it doesn't work, I guess you are going to go have to get a new one!!
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I just washed my phone earlier today, and the first thing I did was get it out of th washer. Then I dried it off with a towel (it is a flip-phone, so I had to open the flip and dry the screen and the buttons too). Then I put my phone and battery separated in a bag of rice and set it on top of my directv receiver where it is hot.
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There are many ways to revive a watered phone on the net. You can search and choose a right way to get back your phone. If not you'd better to replace your phone battery with a new one from good mobile phone parts supplier.

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Put it in the freezer for a day or 2
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Umm I really don't think that's ever going to work again.
So just get a new one.
lolz and remember next time to not wash it in the washer.
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No because the phone got to wet and it is going to have water all over it.I guess you should of used  a little bit of water. And cleaned the top. I guess you have to go phone shopping
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Yeah I had the same thing happen left it in the pants and put in the drier worked two days later
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Nope I think you're phone is ruined for good. Here is something that you can try if something like this happens to you again. First do not power on you're phone. Put it in rice. The rice will absorb the moisture and then you're phone is suppose to work. This procedure can be used for cameras, phones, ipods, etc. Hope this helps

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