How Do Washer Dryers Work?


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These dryers are without ductwork or outer venting. Condensing dryers in combination with machines use frosty water condensers to eliminate the wetness from the space in the drum. The warm, humid air leaving the drum is circulated throughout the plastic compartment, where it associates with a mist of cool water. This leads the moisture in the air to concentrate into water drop's and go down at the base of the condensing compartment, where it is pushed into the same drain where the washing water is dumped.

The dry, warm air continues throughout the closed system and back to the chamber to remove more water from our garments. This process saves the energy in two major ways. First of all, little heat loss takes place when the air passes all the way through the condensing compartment and very little energy is needed to raise the temperature back to best possible drying levels.

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