How Can You Clean Rubber Stamps?


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It is best to clean your rubber stamps after each use, especially when changing colors. The easiest way of cleaning your rubber stamp is with a bottle of stamp cleaner which is available easily in a drug store or a hardware store. Use it with a scrubber or roll on applicator top to clean your stamps. Another way is to rub them your stamps over the surface of a damp sponge. A cellulose stamp would work best for this purpose as it does not break down or lint up your stamps. The sponge can be dampened with either plain water or a drop of dish soap added.

After cleaning, you should keep the stamp in a plastic container with a cover so it is ready at all times. Alcohol free baby wipes are also effective for cleaning rubber stamps. You should never soak your rubber stamps in water for a long time while or for cleaning them. This will loosen the adhesive. Avoid using oil based solvents to clean rubber stamps as it will deteriorate the rubber.
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Very good Nyala. Obviously you are a long time stamper. I would have said the same thing.
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It's also worth stating that you should always keep your rubber stamp in a clean environment. Never leave it exposed to the elements; this will infect it with dust!

Always use an alcohol-free cleaner, as alcohol can dry the stamp and cause damage.

More in-depth cleaning tips can be found here: Stamp cleaning tips

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There are different ways of cleaning stamps,
and individual stamps will have their own preferred method.

Removing fresh ink off rubber stamps

Removing dried ink off rubber stamps

Removing lint or dust from a rubber stamp

Using a commercial stamp cleaner

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