How Do You Care For A Rubber Plant Or Rubber Tree And A Peace Lilly Plant?


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Following are the care instructions for a rubber plant:
Keep the plant in bright light but not direct sunlight.
Keep it away from heat sources.
Keep it evenly moist during spring and summer but a little dry during the rest of the year.
Sponge its leaves with a damp cloth
Fertlize it in spring and early summer
Peace Lilly:
Requires low light and room temperature
Keep the soil evenly moist
Should never be dried out
fertilize it once a month with a standard house plant fertilizer
Spray with alcohol or insecticidal soap when an infestation occurs.
Wipe with damp sponge to remove dust.
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I have two Peace Lilly plants and the tips are turning brown on even the new growth- what am I doing wrong in their care?
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All kinds of rubber plants do not need very intense sun light as they will be damaged because of the direct sun rays. These plants should be kept moist when they are going through the growth cycle because this is necessary for proper and healthy growth.  These plants should be kept away from heat resources as well as drafts.

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