What Are Some Pretty Plants That Can Take Lots Of Sun?


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Where to start in naming some pretty plants that can take a lot of sun? While there are plenty of plants that love the sun, many also need a decent amount of water so fining a balance between those that blossom and colour and those that handle drought conditions well is not easy.
Cacti are best suited but these prickly plants are not much to look at, although some people adore them. A case of beauty is in the eye of the beholder.    
Prettier but more tempestuous are the Larkspur, Californian poppies, poached-egg plant, nasturtiums, nigella, and of course sunflowers.
Bedding plants are always good when it comes to adding colour and filling dull gaps and petunias, begonias, nicotianas, marigolds and geraniums are all the types of plants you could start from seed.
Others that love the sun, but need a regular drink, are lilies and they range from the classic tiger lilies to the deep purple-coloured Black Jacks, the yellow Flamboyants and the Spanish Flame which are pink.
A Butterfly Bush is also a great choice as they love the heat and the range of colour including shades of blue to lavender, red to pale pink and whites, is a magnet for wildlife, such as the butterfly, which gives it name.
For those who love the English garden look then roses are the way forward and as they need five to seven hours sunshine a day to bloom they are perfect for the British summer and can thrive in hotter climes.
Even more common but just as pretty in their simplicity are daisies and they will bloom a few time s a year if deadheaded, a simple practice for regular lawn mowers. 
You can also try Alyssum’s which are usually bright yellow in colour, the deceptively named Snow-In Summer plants which are white but have a silver foliage to add a different hue.
Lamb’s Ears also have a silver foliage with a soft velvety leaf and are very tolerant of extremely dry conditions.
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There are several sun, heat & drought tolerant plants. Most of them are very easy to grow & flower like crazy. Here are just a few examples that I know of & grow in my yard: Sunflowers, Zinnias, Cactuses(a lot of which will flower in the sun if happy where they're planted), Nasturtiums(flowers are gorgeous & edible too!!!), vinca(annual type), Marigolds, Petunias(the "wave" kind), Hollyhocks, Hibiscus, Rose of Sharon, Bachelors Buttons(will reseed itself every year), Daisies, Morning Glories, Coneflower, Carnations, etc. I plant different "full sun" plants every year just for variety. Experiment & have fun!!!!
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Depends on where you live (climate) and when you want blooms. I don't know how they do in sandy soil, but I have mums that are gorgeous in lmid-summer and into fall. They do well in Denver, don't need a lot of babying, and they LOVE the sun and tolerate the heat well. They do great in our really clay soik and probably would do better in good soil. In the spring I cut off the dead top of the plant (down to the ground), and they regrow every year. I have several that are five years old, and are about 2 feet tall. They come in a variety of colors.

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