Do Almonds Grow On A Tree?


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They do indeed, and you can grow one yourself. The almond tree is from the prunus family, just like peach trees, plum trees and apricot trees. These are all known as stone fruits, given that they have hard and stone-sized pits. You’ll notice that an almond looks just like the pit of a peach, and this is why they are related.

An almond tree grows to a dainty and shapely tree that provides light pink flowers during the late winter, and almonds during the summer. Almond trees aren’t difficult to grow, but they are definitely not self-fertile. The trees will require another variety that blooms during the same time of the year to provide cross-fertilization from bees, if it’s going to produce nuts. Don’t forget that you need to plant at least two trees if you’re going to get cross-pollination.

You could do this by planting two or three young almond trees right next to one another, if you only have limited space. By planting them in the same hole, you will have what looks like one tree, but is actually a number of trees that grow around each other and can still be cross pollinated.

You need to grow the almond in complete view of the sun. It will require the same deep watering that is necessary in most other fruit trees that you may grow, though the tree is a little more tolerant to drought than most fruit trees. The tree will only balk when it has bad drainage, so it needs deep and even watering, to let the surface soil dry out between waterings. This will provide you with the best crop.

Remember too that when you plant your trees, you need to dig the hole wider than it is deep, but you need to make sure that the roots will easily fit into the depth of the hole you dig. If the soil is dry in the bottom of the hole, too, then make sure you water it first.

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