Does Asparagus Grow On A Bush Or A Tree?


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Neither - it grows underground and then gives up a shoot. It is delicious cooked young and served with melted butter or hollandaise sauce. You eat asparagus with your fingers.
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Technically neither asparagus is grown from a rootstock that is allowed to take hold for two years before its first harvest. At the end of the growing season for the first two years you cut off the bush type foliage that grows from the rootstock, to allow the rootstock to become established. In the third year of growing the shoots can be then cut off at ground level and eaten raw or cooked in a variety of ways. These shoots produce the fronds or bushy foliage that you maybe confused by. They produce a small red berry that contains a seed. Do NOT eat a shoot that has begun to open into a frond as they may make you sick. Also do not try to use the bushy foliage as it to can make you sick. Happy gardening Scarletthunder

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