How To Grow A Magnolia Tree?


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The Magnolia grand-flora is the official state flower of Mississippi and Louisiana both. Mississippi's state nickname is the "Magnolia State", because of the abundance of magnolias in the region. The magnolia is the official state tree of Mississippi.

How to grow:

Most people buy a farm grown magnolia tree or plant for their lawns. Planting a magnolia tree from a seed needs a lot of care and concern. Here are some points regarding the plantation of a magnolia tree

- Seeds should be sown in a fresh state.
- Take away the seeds just before the pod bursts open or immediately after the bud's opening.
- Take out the red-orange coating from the seed. This can be done more simply if you soak them in water for only some days.
- After that squeeze out the firm, black seeds and wash them carefully to remove the oily coating that prevents them from absorbing moisture and food.
- Don't let the seeds dry out. Sow in a light fertilizer of two parts peat, one part loam and one part sand.
- Cover up with 1/2" of compost.
- Do not forget to cover the tray or pot to keep up the moisture and protect the seed.
- The seeds should take root in about a period of four weeks.
- Plant these tiny plants after about four weeks, making sure the roots don't dry out.

Things to take care of:

Magnolia trees shouldn't be planted very close together. In order to fully blossom, they require to be planted where they can get an abundance of sunshine.

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