How Can I Save A Dying Magnolia Tree?


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In many cases, there are things you can do to assist your Magnolia tree in recovering from harsh weather conditions.  There are times however when there is nothing you can do, such as when you find a bare spot that goes all the way around the tree. If this is the case, your tree is usually what they call girdled or lacking phloem tissue which carries carbohydrates made in the leaves into the roots. So your roots have died, and without them, the tree cannot take up water.   Soil conditions, weather conditions and other factors need to be considered. 

Watering - differing soil conditions require differing amounts of water.  Knowing your plants needs, soil composition and drainage habits and keeping an eye on the weather could be the three most important steps in maintaining any of your plants, be they tree, shrub or flower.  Light rains do not provide enough of a ground soaking to satisfy the deeper roots of your trees.  Consider periodic deep soaking watering techniques to promote healthy root growth and maintain healthy foliage. 

Drought can cause severe issues with the thirstier of the tree varieties such as the magnolia.  Severely dry weather conditions because many issues with the deep rooted varieties and can be combated by late night soaks with a water hose to promote deep root penetration.  Late night watering avoids the heat of the day evaporating the surface water.  Quick, 10-minute or sprinkled watering are far less effective than a weekly soaking in regards to trees, shrubs, and even grasses. 

Transplanting is another area where you will find issues in keeping a magnolia tree alive.  The wide spread root system has to be considered and maintained as much as possible if you are attempting to transplant a magnolia with any success.  Once you have it free, be careful not to let the root ball dry out and to remove any wrap around roots that you may find before replanting it. 

Magnolia trees strength is in their roots so take care to ensure the health of those and you will maintain a healthy tree.
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Magnolia has an odd 'leaf shedding' system. They tend to lose their leaves during summers.they tend to do this to save themselves from dehydrating. Pruning your magnolia might improve its health. They are fairly tough plants and they tend to get better once the weather improves. If you are still worried try adding fertilizer to the soil and do deep watering at least once a week to give additional required moisture.
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Ny magnolia tree is not flowering and loosing the leaves

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