How Can I Kill A Cypress Tree?


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I don't know that this will work for a cypress, but my son told me that if you drill a couple of holes in the trunk of the tree and pour salt into it, that that would kill the tree.
He was talking about the pine tree, but I would imagine it would work for any tree, after all, they aren't supposed to have salt in them. It isn't toxic to the environment either. Hope this helps, good luck.
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We used to "ring" the large conifers near us and they would die slowly, it looks natural and we never got caught. You need to saw around the whole base of the tree, go in about 1 inch. You need to make sure the zylem and phloem (I cant spell) are destroyed. This way the tree cant feed or take water up. Of yeah dont forget to pat some soli around the sawn area, so no one can tell.
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Strip about 6" tp 12" inches a of bark off all the way around the base of the trunk (it just needs to be wide enough so that the tree doesn't have ta chance to heal the wound before it dies)...  water and nutrients are fed to the tree through a layer that's just under the bark.. The soft live tissue on the "back" of the bark... Stripping the bark off will starve the tree.

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