How Do Coconut Trees Grow?


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The coconut is the fruit of the coconut palm tree. The husk of the coconut is there so that the inner seed, or nut, will be cushioned when it falls to the ground. This nut is about 8 to 20 centimeters long.

Just inside the hard, dark shell is a layer of dense, white meat. The center of the coconut is filled with a watery liquid which is called "coconut milk".

If you have ever seen a coconut, you have noticed it has, three "eyes", which are really undeveloped buds. When a coconut is planted in the ground in its husk, a new sprout pushes through one of the eyes. And if a new palm begins to grow it takes about eight years before it bears any fruit.

A mature coconut palm flowers throughout the year and almost' always has a few ripe nuts. It may take a nut a year or more to mature, depending on the place and the kind it is. A palm produces an average of 50 nuts a year.

The coconut palm grows from 6 (o 27 meters "high and has a tuft of long, feathery leaves at the top. A leaf may be 3 to 6 meters long. Coconuts can be grown at elevations as high as 900 meters above sea level, but they are usually planted at lower elevations.
An unusual thing about this tree is that it can live in salt water, but it docs not require silt water. The palm grows near the sea because its shallow roots can find moisture there.
The husk of the coconut is not harmed by salt water either. Which means that if a coconut falls into the sea it can be carried a long way and take root on some farawav beach.
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Can I safely paint the trunk of the coconut tree. The trunks have a black mold or fungi on them
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Once the coconut is planted, it requires five to six months for germination. They are buried half into the ground and half of the nut remains exposed. They growth is affected negatively by even a small period of cold. They require sunlight and cannot grow inside a room or any enclosed space impenetrable to sunlight. At thirty degrees Fahrenheit or less than zero degrees centigrade temperature the foliage of this tree gets affected. It suffers serious damage at temperatures less than thirty degrees Fahrenheit. The best region for their growth is the tropical region in Asia.

The coconut trees grow fifty to sixty feet tall and spread up to fifteen to twenty-five feet.

When shoot development is seen, these can be planted in fields or in plants. These are six months old and can be kept there for few years. The trees bear fruit after six to ten years of their germination. The fruit bearing capacity of the plant is the highest when the plants are fifteen to twenty years old. These plants bear fruits until they reach eightieth age of their life. They bear fruits throughout their lives.
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Well I think they grow by the time and you need to give them water I think right
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