How Do You Plant Pine Trees Spacing?


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A pine tree is a balled and burlapped tree, which is commonly abbreviated as a B and B tree. It can be moved by lifting and pulling on the ball or the root instead of the trunk, the foliage must be wrapped with a burlap or a mesh tarp while transporting a tree which has tender leaves on the highway and you must be careful not to injure your back.

The tree must be placed keeping in mind the right-of-ways on the street and the sidewalks, the neighbours' property line, the possibility of the excavation of a utility line, the drainage system, the views, the screening, the ability of the tree to keep your home cool in the summer, the ability of the tree to act as a windbreaker, the buried utility lines, wires and other underground hazards, etc. It is after all these factors are taken into consideration that the planting hole of the tree can be dug, the soil can be backfilled, the crown can be thinned, the tree can be staked and the tree wrap can be used to protect the bark of the tree.

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