How Far Apart Do I Plant Baby Blue Spruce Pine Trees?


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Planting spruce trees involves a lot of preparation and care. On receiving them, they should immediately be inspected to ensure they are healthy.

It is also necessary to check that the packaging material around the roots is moist. If it is not, some water needs to be added to each bag.

Unless the site is already prepared, they should then be stored somewhere cool and shaded until ready for planting. They should also be well protected from frost, if necessary.

The ground must be prepared properly before planting. Both the subsoil and hard pan need to be broken up to allow the roots to establish quickly.

Discing or roto tilling will easily break up soil and aids in reducing weeds. The ground should be tilled or disced a minimum of six inches deep, although 12 to 18 inches is preferable.

For each row of trees, a strip of at least four feet width needs to be tilled. If the ground consists mostly of heavy clay, five to 10 pounds of compost mixed with ground gypsum or peat moss in every 100 sq ft should be incorporated into the planting area.

Spacing depends on the ultimately planned effect. A windbreak will have to be dense and trees should be planted in a single row, with the trees spaced five feet apart.

A staggered double row formation is even more effective and requires trees to be six feet apart, with six to 10 feet between the rows.

For a visual screen only, spruces are spaced 10 to 15 feet apart.

Mulching the area with a layer of leaves, grass or wood chips at least three feet wide and three to four inches deep reduces competition by weeds.

Mulch containing freshly chipped wood first needs to age in a pile for 30 days.
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First of all, Blue Spruce are not Pine trees.  They both belong to the Pinaceae family but are different genus'.  They have different growth forms, reproductive strategies and habitats.  If your trees are spruce, plant them at least 1meter(3 1/2 feet) apart.   I recommend more like 2 meters(7 feet) because although they will look too spread out when you plant them, 25 years down the road they will appreciate this extra space.  If you plant them closer than that, then eventually the grove will naturally thin itself and some may die.  Hope this helps.

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