How To Get Rid Of Worms In Colorado Blue Spruce Tree?


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Colorado Blue Spruce Trees are known to be susceptible to different insects and worms. From caterpillars to spider mites they all seem to love the tree. Once the exact nature and type of insects are identified the plants can be sprayed with the appropriate insecticide. It could be argued that worms will affect a healthy tree as often as they do a non healthy one, but it never hurts to keep your trees healthy. This involves caring for them from the start by planting them in the right sort of oil, providing the right quantity of fertilizer and water.

Spider mites are dealt with by spraying the plant with pressurized water. This method is most effective if the entire plant is sprayed down. Worms can be dealt with by using insecticide soap, carbaryl, malathion and acephate.

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