How Can You Clean Your System Of Pcp?


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Total elimination of PCP from the body naturally takes between eight and ten days. Forced acid diuresis with ammonium chloride or (more safely) ascorbic acid may help the cleansing of the system, but the kidneys have difficulty filtering and cleansing it from the system.
Commonly known as angel dust or the peace pill, PCP (or Phencyclidine for its full name) was developed in Germany in the 1920’s. PCP is an illegal drug and is probably the most dangerous hallucinogen that is currently used by drug takers.

PCP was originally used as an anesthesia for surgery, but because of its severe effects was soon discontinued. In its purest form, it is a white, crystal-like powder that is easily dissolved in water. In an impure form, the drug is often tan or brown in color and can be in a powder, paste or liquid. It is usually sold in powder form, or as capsules or pills.

PCP can be taken by mouth or snorted; it is usually smoked, however. PCP is usually applied to dark brown cigarettes or cigarettes containing leafy products such as mint, oregano or even marijuana. PCP is occasionally injected, as well. Moderate and high doses, or with long term use, can cause nausea, speech problems, paranoia, flashbacks and catatonia.

High doses and excessive use of PCP often lead to symptoms that are almost indistinguishable from those of schizophrenia. With doses of 150mg or more, death can also occur. As with other drugs, long-term abuse can lead to severe mental and physical damage. Persistent speech problems, loss of memory and severe anxiety and depression are just some of the long-term effects.

This is an extremely dangerous drug and is best not taken at all. Milder hallucinogens can still be ingested with caution, and it may be a case that a kidney transplant is required if the organ is not in good condition, as well as psychiatric assistance for the mental effects of the drug.
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Staying active & well hydrated will help clear the system of most drugs. PCP tends to stay in the system pretty long, so it will help but won't get it out overnight.

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