How Do You Clean Your System From Marijuana?


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That not true! Typically it would take 30-90 days but there are ways of getting pass a urine test. Here's what worked for me. I was on probation for quite some time and had to take randoms and never failed a drug test. I would stop smoking the day before my visit and take a dietary supplement called "Niacin" 500mg only and drink lots of water lots! Take one pill every hour and a half 12hrs before the test and you will pass. The niacin will cause a flushing sensation on your skin but it worked.
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Thank you we have tryed the total cleaning herbl 48 hour thing not so sure it worked so wewill try this it very imf\porntmet test for job cant loose it thank wish us luck
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Cranberry juice and niacin also help. Do not get the flush free niacin either. And if you know the time that your going to have to take the test there are drinks you can get at a head shop that you drink a few hours before the test and your clean. You say your built, THC builds up in fat cells, so if you work out regularly and you sweat you should be fine. It takes 3 weeks to really get out of your system but if your not fat and you don't smoke regularly you should pass it in no time
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Dilution is the solution to the pollution, drink more water than you ever have in your life....gallons...2 at least or more. Right before a whiz quiz, drink dark coffee or soda and take vitamins so the color is right (they will check) or someone you may know who is clean can pee for you. Good luck
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I need to get pot out of my system by monday how do I get it out without spending ANY money. I really need this job. I only smoked one time 2 weeks ago. And it was only a enough for one bowl. What can I do to get it out of my system. Oh and I am 6 foot 1 and 285. But I am built.
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If you smoked weed for a while it will take 30 days to clear your system. You see THC is a very potent drug that acts like tar in you blood stream. The only way you can clear it, is a waiting game. There will be people tell you there are these things that will help it to clear your system quickly, but don't be fooled. With today's technology they can see right through it.

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