Does black tea clean marijuana out my system?


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Claire West answered

I don't think that the black tea will help. There is a good article how to remove THC from the body, maybe this will be helpfull for you. I smoked marijuana once in college. I was lucky that we didn't pass the drug test before the competition. We had girls who often smoked marijuana, but they always passed a drug test. I don't know what they did, but you can search the information on the Internet.

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Claire West , yep, I've heard a lot of stories of how different products can accelerate a process of removing all the particles of CBD from your body. Anyway, you should also care about what exactly you're consuming. When I need to relax, I also get cannabidiol (cbd)powder from the website AASraw, because they do have a lot of experts who know for sure how to produce highly qualified CBD stuff.

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Drink enough of anything and you'll clean a lot of things out of your system.

You can even clean out the things your body needs. This usually means you've brought on water intoxication.

Unfortunately, the tests you see the lab do are preliminary. They check things like trace minerals, proteins, foreign substances, the presence of blood cells. They;'re usually pretty thorough and will know if you've tried to flush anything out of your system.
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Definitely not, there is no obvious connection between weed and black tea, besides the fact these two are herbs. If you don't want to absorb all the components of marijuana, you can take a look at medical cannabis and dry herb vape pen, these are THC free and bring no health risks.

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