Does The Sauna Help 2 Clean Out Your System For Marijuana?


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Karl Sagan answered

In order to clear your body of THC residue, I think you need to take detoxifiers, although a sauna would also be helpful. The opinion about the dangers of marijuana is rather misleading, since I think that a lot depends on the goals pursued in the use. For example, I myself plant cannabis seeds in my greenhouse, which I buy in this wonderful online store I can say that if you smoke marijuana for stress only very rarely, then it will only benefit your mental health, so I personally support the use of marijuana in the most reasonable limits.

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Elyn Okumura answered
It won't hurt but it usually takes 3 days for some drugs to leave your system.  If you are talking about taking a drug test, I hope they aren't taking a sample of your hair  everything shows up there.
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No, not smoking marijuana helps to clean it out of your system.
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NO. Only time helps clean your system of marijuana (usually 30 days). Best thing is don't do drugs, including marijuana (which is bad to your brain anyway).

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