Does Taking Cranberry Pills And Drinking Mad Water Help Clean Marijuana Out Of The System?


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Does drinking cranberry juice rid your body of marijuana
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Yeah just be care full  with um like don't take um last Minuit  get the 500 mg ones  try and get them from a nutrition store like get the all natural ones
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Never heard of it. But this really works, get some sure jell, mix half box in water drink a lot of water pee 5 times  before your test then you should be good to go
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Weed stays in the system up to 10 days in occasional smokers.. 30-45 days in regular users and up to 90 days in chronic users. THC is slow moving through the system & is stored in the fat. Nothing is going to get it out quick.
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Any drug can be detected for up to 6 months after usage no matter what you do
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6 months in the HAIR/blood
urinalysist is the common means of discovery for now.

The shake cleanse, u can get at ur local head shop, they work.. The pills dont.
Other than that, charcoal pills, to help absorb the toxins in ur stomach (take while ur smoking).
Other than that, u should know that weed carries a half-life of 24 hrs. That means, nomore smoking.... In one day, half will be gone. So about 2 wks is a good clean out period for occational smokers, while habitual need a month

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