What Can I Use To Clean My System Out For Marijuana In Two Days?


4 Answers

Andrea Minnier Profile
Andrea Minnier answered
100% cranberry juice 4-5 64oz bottles in 2 days will flush it. Has to be 100% cranberry not cranberry cocktail
Elyn Okumura Profile
Elyn Okumura answered
People say a lot of water and yogurt, but I have news for you, there is nothing.  Once you stop it will take anywhere from 3 to 7 days to clear your system.  This is depended upon how much you use it in a day.
The Instigator Profile
The Instigator answered
A 3 quart blood transfusion and a cocktail of 2 pints of cows urine.
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Lots of water and believe it or not, beer...these things will only speed up the process and won't necessarily clean it out in 2 days

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