What's The Quickest And Easiest Way To Clean My System Of Thc?


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Drink sonne can get it at health food drink half the night before and the remaining half the next morning and you're all set...I haven't personally tried it, or needed it, but I do work at a store that sells it, and customers swear by it. It's about 30.00 usd, but you may as well pay for something that works if you need it. Also, if you do take it, make sure you drink a lot of's made from bentonite clay, which can solidify if you don't drink enough water.
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THC takes 3-10 days with one time or infrequent use.. 30-45 days with regular use and up to 90 days with chronic use. You can't get it out of your system any quicker.
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You don't. All the stories about clearing THC out of your system with various teas, herbs, drinks, are useless. And even if you flush with gallons of water, this too will show up because creatinine will be depleted which shows that the test was "manipulated" by the giver. If they wanted to get cute on you, they could test your hair and find out what drugs you used in the last six months.
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Depends on what it is you are talking about. Different drugs and alcohol all have different time spans.
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If you're in such a rush to get it out of your system, don't use it at all!

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